Imagine if you'd set your sights on completing a marathon, but you weren't able to complete it in your first attempt. Imagine then, if you set your sites on another marathon, and you were pulled off the course with only 2km to go. You'd be pretty keen to have a third attempt, wouldn't you?

Here is the story of a very determined young lady, Emma Cameron:

Emma lives in the small and remote community of Jabiru in Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory. Emma was unable to complete the New York Marathon the year she was selected for the Indigenous Marathon Project. She then set her sights on Boston in 2013, but was taken off the course at the 40km mark after the horrific terrorist attack.  Emma feels she has “unfinished business” and has set her sights on crossing the finish line this year.

Emma has been training in the heat and humidity of the Northern Territory - a testament to her drive, determination and commitment.

On top of training for Boston, Emma coaches a group of young Indigenous runners in her remote hometown and encourages them to lead healthy and active lifestyles which includes regular running sessions.  Four runners from Emma’s training group will be selected to attend the National Deadly Running Fun Run Championships held in Uluru in June.  This event, which is another initiative of the Indigenous Marathon Foundation, brings together 150 Indigenous men, women and children from around the country to participate in a relay run around the base of Uluru and the opportunity to visit the local community.  Team members are selected based on their demonstrated commitment and dedication to the running sessions.

We're keen to help Emma get to Boston and cross that finish line, and thought you might be too. 

At-running is the newly branded kids' running arm of Hooked on Running. We've been running Kids Cross Country Races for a number of years, to help kids train for their school cross country. The races are a great way for kids to get some tips from expert coach Richard Sarkies on how to run a cross country race, as well as get some fitness under their belt. 

Our race on March 23rd is a fundraising event for the Indigenous Marathon Foundation. 

Funds raised from this event will be used to help cover the cost to get Emma to Boston, including flights, accommodation and entry fee.

There's two ways you can help

1. If you have kids that are keen to get involved, you can REGISTER them for the event, and they can raise funds by getting sponsors. There are heaps of prizes-three major prizes and some lucky prize draws. For each child that registers for the event, we'll kick start their fundraising with a $10 sponsorship (that's a flat $10, not $10 per lap!)

Find out more about the event HERE

2. Alternatively, you can go to the Fundraising page, and make a donation, either to the team, or pick someone to sponsor. 

Let's get behind Emma and help to finally get her across that finish line.